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We’ve come a long way since Ron Snider and Steve Guikema had their dream of opening a winery and brewery. The road to Hudsonville Winery and Pike’s 51’s respective openings was one that brought along hard work, passion and excitement. We paid our dues, sweated it out and now that we’re here, we want to celebrate this effort in the most awesome way possible.

On June 11, we’re inviting the whole community to raise a glass – beer or wine, it doesn’t matter – to Hudsonville Winery and Pike 51 Brewery Co. in honor of each establishment’s anniversary. Our winery will be turning seven and our brewery will be turning four, and we want to be alongside the people who have helped make both a success over the past few years.

It was intentional to give the two the same anniversary date. We thought it would be appropriate for the brewery to make its formal debut on during the winery’s anniversary. We held a few soft openings beforehand, but we made sure the official Pike 51 Brewery Co. ribbon cutting and open house happened on Hudsonville Winery’s third anniversary party. Like how we planned our winery and brewery to operate together, we planned our annual celebration to be as such. Beer lovers and wine lovers shouldn’t be separated – they should enjoy their preferred beverage side by side in delicious harmony.

The anniversary party usually falls the first or second weekend in June – just when the weather is perfect for outdoor drinking and mingling. We pull all the stops out for the annual party, by putting out tents and taking advantage of our spacious outdoor beer garden, making sure that our attendees can truly enjoy summertime. We make the party a truly community-based event by bringing in local bands to perform live music and celebrating everything Hudsonville has given us over the years. The party is not just a celebration of how far we’ve come over the years, but a huge thank you to the people who have helped us to start our winery and brewery and continue to push us to serve the beer and wine communities by getting better at what we do every day.

We can’t stress enough how important our community is, either. Ever since we started our anniversary party tradition, we’ve had huge support from the community. An average of 1,000-1,500 people show up to support Hudsonville Winery and Pike 51 Brewery throughout the entire day of the party. For the first few years, we couldn’t even prepare for the amount of people who wanted to come celebrate with us – we truly underestimated our fan base, word of mouth and the power of community.

This year’s anniversary party will have everything that made our previous ones successful: beer, wine, food, music, friends. For our beer lovers, we’ll be releasing Heavy Soul, our imperial milk porter aged in bourbon barrels. For food lovers, we’re bringing in a pig roast food menu just for the event.

The party starts at noon and goes until we close, and admission is free! Get wild, have fun and call an Uber at the end of the night.