Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Our wines are available by the glass or bottle. Prices are noted below.
Updated 1-18-17



NEW Frozen Sangria 

White Sangria
$7.50 / Glass

Sweetheart Sangria
$7.50 / Glass



Semi-Dry Riesling
Our driest white wine, with mild acidity, clean finish
$5.00/ glass    $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Pinot Grigio

Light citrus over-tones with a mellow finish.
$5.00/ glass $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Medium bodied. A great addition to spicy foods.
$5.00/ glass $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Semi-Sweet Riesling
Well balanced, subtle pear notes, with a Silky finish
$5.00/ glass    $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Classic White
A fragrant bouquet of ripe fruit; truly a classic.
$4.72/ glass    $9.54/ 750ml  bottle

Semi Sweet With succulent tropical fruit flavors
$4.72/ glass    $11.28/ 750ml  bottle

Fruit Wines

White Cranberry
A little tart, a little sweet. The perfect combination.
$5.00/ glass    $10.00/ 750ml bottle

Sweet Strawberry perfect for summer!
$4.75/glass   $10.00/750ml bottle

Fall Harvest   Decadent, big bold berry flavor. Tart Finish, perfect for the autumn season.
$4.72/glass   10.00/ 750mlbottle

Hooterville Cutie
Unique sunny seasonal wine with natural citrus flavors.
$4.72/glass   $9.00/ 750ml bottle

Flavorful peaches, crisp and sweet finish.
$4.72/ glass    $9.00/ 750ml bottle

Sweet, juicy red raspberry flavors.
$4.72/ glass    $9.00/ 750ml bottle

Bramble Berry
A wonderful blackberry taste with a tart finish.
$5.00/ glass    $11.00/ 750ml bottle

Black Cherry
Luscious fresh flavor of ripe black cherries.
$4.72/ glass    $9.00/ 750ml bottle

A light fruity treat with a deep finish.
$4.72/ glass    $10.00/ 750ml bottle

Spring Blossom
Sweet beginning subtle finish
$4.72/ glass    $11.00/ 750ml bottle

Acai (ah-sah-ee)
A South American gem that is a must taste!
$4.72/ glass    $10.00/ 750ml bottle

Mix and Match Case Discounts

1/2 Case (6  bottles) = 5% off
Full Case (12 bottles) = 10% off


Wine Shipping

You can now ship Hudsonville Winery wines through Pak Mail in Grandville. Send our wines to friends and family all over the United States. Contact Pak Mail directly for pricing on packaging and shipping. Know your wine bottle quantities and location to ship then contact Pac Mail.

Pak Mail, 4370 Chicago Drive SW, Grandville, Mi  49418
Phone 616-531-9790

Red Wines

Our exclusive House Red! Medium-bodied with notes of cherries and blackberries.
$6.13/ glass    $14.15/ 750ml  bottle

A full bodied blend enhanced by mild oak.
$5.50/ glass    $12.74/ 750ml bottle

A comfortably oaked, bold red. For serious red fans.
$5.50/ glass    $12.74/ 750ml bottle

Tres Amici
The Three friends of Red. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
$5.66/ glass    $14.15/ 750ml bottle

Classic Red
A lightly oaked wine. Best served with spicy foods.
$5.50/ glass    $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Dessert Wines

White Sangria
Spanish-style with a sweet base and notes of citrus. Served over Ice.
$5.66/ glass    $14.15/ 750ml bottle

Sweetheart Sangria
This Spanish style Berry Sangria is our sweet wine that is served perfectly over ice.
$5.66 / glass  $14.15 /750ml  bottle

Northern Spice
Cinnamon, Anise, Clove & Orange Peel spice this semi dry American red wine.
$4.72/ glass    $12.00/ 750ml bottle

Chocolate Black Cherry
This Indy award winner, first the cherry then a hint of chocolate.
$4.72/ glass     $10.00/ 375ml bottle
$20.00/ 750ml bottle

Chocolate Raspberry
Ripe raspberry flavor with a smooth milk chocolate finish.
$4.72/Glass    $10.00/375ml bottle
$20.00/750ml bottle

Mela Caramello
Juicy apple treat with a caramel finish.
$4.72/ glass    $10.00/ 375ml bottle
$20.00/ 750ml bottle

Blackberry Moon
Sweet and intense, tart blackberry flavor.
$5.19/ 4oz glass  $16.51/ 375ml bottle

Crimson Moon
Sweet Cab Franc, great for an after meal treat
$5.19/ 4oz glass  $16.51/ 375ml bottle

Riesling Moon
Very sweet Riesling, with a grape finish
$5.19/ 4oz glass  $12.50/ 375ml bottle

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