Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Our wines are available by the glass or bottle. Prices are noted below.
Updated 1-18-17



NEW Frozen Sangria 

White Sangria
$7.50 / Glass

Sweetheart Sangria
$7.50 / Glass


Semi-Dry Riesling
Our driest white wine, with mild acidity, clean finish
$5.00/ glass    $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Pinot Grigio

Light citrus over-tones with a mellow finish.
$5.00/ glass $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Medium bodied. A great addition to spicy foods.
$5.00/ glass $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Semi-Sweet Riesling
Well balanced, subtle pear notes, with a Silky finish
$5.00/ glass    $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Classic White
A fragrant bouquet of ripe fruit; truly a classic.
$4.72/ glass    $9.54/ 750ml  bottle

Semi sweet with succulent tropical fruit flavors.
$4.72/ glass $11.28/ 750ml bottle

Fruit Wines

White Cranberry
A little tart, a little sweet. The perfect combination.
$5.00/ glass    $10.00/ 750ml bottle

Sweet Strawberry perfect for summer!
$4.75/glass   $10.00/750ml bottle

Fall Harvest   Decadent, big bold berry flavor. Tart Finish, perfect for the autumn season.
$4.72/glass   10.00/ 750mlbottle

Hooterville Cutie
Unique sunny seasonal wine with natural citrus flavors.
$4.72/glass   $9.00/ 750ml bottle

Flavorful peaches, crisp and sweet finish.
$4.72/ glass    $9.00/ 750ml bottle

Sweet, juicy red raspberry flavors.
$4.72/ glass    $9.00/ 750ml bottle

Bramble Berry
A wonderful blackberry taste with a tart finish.
$5.00/ glass    $11.00/ 750ml bottle

Black Cherry
Luscious fresh flavor of ripe black cherries.
$4.72/ glass    $9.00/ 750ml bottle

A light fruity treat with a deep finish.
$4.72/ glass    $10.00/ 750ml bottle

Rich and mellow, with medium body and balanced acidity.
$4.72/ glass    $9.43/ 750ml bottle

Acai (ah-sah-ee)
A South American gem that is a must taste!
$4.72/ glass    $10.00/ 750ml bottle

Mix and Match Case Discounts

1/2 Case (6  bottles) = 5% off
Full Case (12 bottles) = 10% off

Red Wines

Our exclusive House Red! Medium-bodied with notes of cherries and blackberries.
$6.13/ glass    $14.15/ 750ml  bottle

A full bodied blend enhanced by mild oak.
$5.50/ glass    $12.74/ 750ml bottle

A comfortably oaked, bold red. For serious red fans.
$5.50/ glass    $12.74/ 750ml bottle

Tres Amici
The Three friends of Red. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
$5.66/ glass    $14.15/ 750ml bottle

Classic Red
A lightly oaked wine. Best served with spicy foods.
$5.50/ glass    $12.26/ 750ml bottle

Dessert Wines

White Sangria
Spanish-style with a sweet base and notes of citrus. Served over Ice.
$5.66/ glass    $14.15/ 750ml bottle

Sweetheart Sangria
This Spanish style Berry Sangria is our sweet wine that is served perfectly over ice.
$5.66 / glass  $14.15 /750ml  bottle

Northern Spice
Cinnamon, Anise, Clove & Orange Peel spice this semi dry American red wine.
$4.72/ glass    $12.00/ 750ml bottle

Chocolate Black Cherry
This Indy award winner, first the cherry then a hint of chocolate.
$4.72/ glass     $10.00/ 375ml bottle
$20.00/ 750ml bottle

Chocolate Raspberry
Ripe raspberry flavor with a smooth milk chocolate finish.
$4.72/Glass    $10.00/375ml bottle
$20.00/750ml bottle

Mela Caramello
Juicy apple treat with a caramel finish.
$4.72/ glass    $10.00/ 375ml bottle
$20.00/ 750ml bottle

Blackberry Moon
Sweet and intense, tart blackberry flavor.
$5.19/ 4oz glass  $16.51/ 375ml bottle

Crimson Moon
Sweet Cab Franc, great for an after meal treat
$5.19/ 4oz glass  $16.51/ 375ml bottle

Riesling Moon
Very sweet Riesling, with a grape finish
$5.19/ 4oz glass  $12.50/ 375ml bottle

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